DIY Denim Clutch with Ombre Tassels + Cowrie Shells

img_7172Hi, everyone! I made this denim clutch a few days ago and I was so excited with how it came out! I’ve been seeing so many envelope style clutches on Pinterest lately and I wanted to try one out. But, I wanted mine to be different because I felt like they all looked identical. I think tassels are so adorable and are definitely in this summer! Anyway, here’s how I made my clutch:

What you’ll need:


  • 8 x 15 piece of denim (the less worn the better!)
  • embroidery thread for tassels and stitching
  • cowrie shells
  • tacky glue
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • ruler

So I started by folding the bottom third of my denim up. This fold should be 5 inches, since the total length of the denim in 15 inches. This could easily be scaled up or down! img_7159

Then, I folded the upper third piece over the rest of the denim. This creates the body of the clutch. I didn’t fold this top piece all the way over so that it would resemble an envelope in the next step. My clutch ended up being 6″ x 8″.


Get your handy ruler out, make some lines and cut your denim until you have your desired shape – or until you give up trying to cut perfectly straight lines like I did!


Next, I stitched the two sides of my clutch using a blanket stitch, but any stitch would have been just fine! I made sure to pencil in dots at every centimeter so that my stitches were the same distance apart. This is probably the hardest part, but I did it and I’m a sewing amateur, so it’s possible! 


When all the stitching was done – thank goodness – I glued the cowrie shells to the top flap. 6 shells on each side worked for me. I let that dry overnight. It looks odd right now because the middle shell is missing, but that shell will go on the bottom flap and serve as a button in disguise!


Sew the final cowrie shell to the denim under the flap, and make sure it lines up with the top flap! Then cut a small, vertical slit in the top flap, just like a button hole.



Finally, add the tassels! This part could be optional but I’ve been obsessed with tassels lately so they were more of a necessity for me! I threaded a single string through, and then tied a knot.


With the same first string, I tied a knot around the embroidery string. Then one more knot to hold the tassel together. Then trim!


Here’s a picture from Skip to my Lou that I followed!

How to make a tassel. This would be cute attached to a graduation gift. #grad #DIY #tassel


When all your tassels are added and trimmed, you’re done!

Optional, but I sewed a ten inch wrist strap to the inside of the clutch because I never use clutches unless they have a wrist strap, lol. But I wanted to actually use this.

I love the way this came out and think it’s great for summer! I will definitely be making another one of these that is more fall themed, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!




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