DIY Fringe Frames

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I’m pretty sure we can all agree that the only thing better than an easy DIY is a super easy DIY. And this one is like really super easy. It takes minutes. And it’s a perfect way to give regular ol’ frames a fresh new look! 

What you’ll need:


  • Frames
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • Tape (possibly!)

So, I’ve had these tiny white frames for years and always thought they were cute – cute enough to keep for years apparently – but I wanted to update them. The other day I drank coffee at 9pm…. I would not recommend it, but my late night slash early morning (yikes) thinking gave me the idea of adding yarn to frames!

First, I cut 12 pieces of blue yarn that were about 14ish inches long. Does anyone actually measure every piece?img_7277

Then, I grouped the yarn into 6 sections with 2 strings in each section to create 6 knots at the bottom of the frame.


Then, not pictured, I trimmed this fringe at angles to make it look kinda like an upside-down triangle at the bottom of the yarn!

For the second frame, I wrapped a really long piece of yarn around the top part of the frame and tied a knot to finish it off.


Next, I cut 10 pieces of purple yarn (14 inches long again), 12 pieces of light blue yarn and 4 pieces of dark blue yarn. I made two knots per color. The different numbers might seem odd – well they’re all even actually haha – but anyway, I wanted the knots to be the same size and the yarn was all different thicknesses!


Then I just knotted all of these to my frame!


And, finally, I added pictures! I have a Polaroid obsession so I of course chose Polaroids but any pictures would have been fine! I did use tape to secure the pictures to the back of the frame since the yarn does cover the back of the frame.


Pretty simple, right? Let me know if you try this out! Thanks for reading!





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