Parasailing in Islamorada

That black spot is our shadow aaaaah!!

Hey there! Long time no post but that’s because I’m in the Florida Keys on vacation! Yay for the tropics and no work!

So back story time: We were supposed to go parasailing in the Keys two years ago. But Mother Nature was like, no way, and threw us some storms. Long story short, we left the Keys two years ago without parasailing….

This summer, we’re back in the Keys for mini lobster season and I was beyond excited to go parasailing. Two years builds up a lot of excitement haha. 

Islamorada did not disappoint at all!! The water was so gorgeous, and honestly, these pictures from my GoPro don’t do it justice, but I just had to share them! The water was so clear and so many shades of blue!!!!

I’m not quite sure how high up we were but it was like super high. I could see the water on the other side of the island – so cool! But also I absolutely love heights and being in the air… is that weird? Anyway, when we were up in the air, it was so calm and peaceful. Definitely my favorite part of this vacation so far! 

I have more Florida Keys blog posts to come, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!! 



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