5 Tips From a College Girl on How to Survive Game Days

img_8183Happy Sunday and happy fall!! You know what they say, fall means football in the south, right?

“Right.” – said almost every college student ever.

Football season is a big a deal at a lot of universities. Ahem, go Noles. There are tailgates galore, and a sea of school colors that leave a sense of unity in the air. There’s just something special about being in a stadium with thousands of other people who are all rooting for the same thing you are.

My school, Florida State University, just had their home opener yesterday. We won’t talk about the score but we will talk about five real tips to help you survive a college game day no matter what stadium you’re in!

  1. Dress for the weather. If you live in the south like I do, it’s still hot. Really hot. That super cute outfit with the boots might have to wait for a later game. On the flip side, when it starts to get cold out (a Florida girl can hope) it’s always worth it to wear/bring the extra layer. Also, sunscreen is always a good idea!
  2. Know how you’re getting to and from the game. Parking and driving around on game days is stressful enough as it is, the last thing you want to do is be stuck in traffic and not know where you’re going.
  3. Tailgate the right way. What might seem like fun at the time definitely won’t be if you aren’t even in the right state of mind to make it to the football game. It’s not worth it.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes. You’ll probably have to walk. A lot. And up like a hundred sets of stairs. Ugh!
  5. Only bring the essentials. Phone. Sunglasses. Ticket. ID. Money. That’s all I really bring, otherwise I end up dropping and losing stuff. Plus FSU only allows small purses into the stadium, so check with your school’s rules!

So these are my 5 tips to surviving a college game day! Win or lose, game days are the best! Let me know if these tips are helpful!





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